culinary Magic!

Master Chef Graham Elliot and Executive Chef Felix Tai are creating a powerful change to Oahu's North Shore food scene. We are proud to present three distinct dining opportunities that reflect the extraordinary talents and skills of two internationally recognized chefs. Enjoy authentic Hawaiian fare at our Ali`i Luau; delicious Pacific-inspired dishes at our Gateway Buffet; and memorable culinary masterpieces from Chef Graham Elliot at Pounders Restaurant.


Master Chef and television celebrity Graham Elliot spent his childhood in constant movement due to his father’s Naval career. Artistically gifted, curious by nature and inspired by the flavors and cultures of the world, he soon discovered a deep interest in the art of cooking. At just 27 he became the youngest four-star chef to be recognized by any major U.S. city. In 2004, he was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best New Chefs” and has been nominated for the James Beard Foundation three years straight. By 2008, he owned a nationally recognized restaurant so outstanding that it received two Michelin stars.

Recognizing his numerous accolades, 10 seasons with MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, and 3 seasons as a judge on Bravo’s Top Chef, along with multiple appearances on Good Morning America, Access Hollywood, The Today Show and Nightline, we couldn’t be more honored to have Graham Elliot head up Pounders Restaurant, and to serve as a culinary advisor for the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Nurturing enriches development, and his staff continually shares how inspired they are by his genuine interest, his kindness and his work ethics. Most importantly, Graham Elliot has found a way to transfer all of that talent and commitment into his amazing dishes here at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Come enjoy a unique and amazing culinary experience!


Chef Felix Tai

Executive Chef Felix Tai was born and raised in Malaysia. His passion for flavors was learned at his mother’s knee. “She always told me “Cooking is love”, and even more importantly, she showed me what love tastes like. It’s hard to describe, but you know it when you taste it. It's comforting, yet unique. Food is culture, food is tradition, and food is love, this is when I found passion in creating flavors and cooking. It was a generational ritual that my mother had left me that I now share with the world.

Along with obtaining two degrees, one in Culinary Arts and another in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Chef Felix has built an impressive background from his dedication and talent in kitchens on luxury cruise ships, in Michelin star kitchens and very successful operations in the nation. He has been featured on the Food Network, and local and national television stations across the country. Conversely, he enjoys cooking for friends and families even at backyards barbeques. Some of his favorite cooking experiences are out in the ocean with freshly caught seafood or the mountain with a freshly hunted meat and foraged local treasures. Amongst his many accomplishments and awards, Chef was inducted into the Hawaii Restaurants Association’s Hall of Fame in 2019.

Felix Tai now serves as the Polynesian Cultural Center’s Executive Chef, where he pours his high level of artistry and passion into the food and dishes served throughout the Center.

Come enjoy a unique and amazing culinary experience!


Our Mission

The polynesian Cultural Center is a uinique treasure created to share with the world the culture, diversity and spirit of the nations of Polynesia.